Working Method Source PT

The 5 steps to create your ultimate results.

1. ‘Source’ Session

The first appointment, the Source-session, is an introduction session. Together we will look into why you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. Surely you know you have to move more, eat healthier or perhaps less to lose that extra weight.

Together with Source PT you will discover the main reason why you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. We will look into what it is that has stopped you in the past to achieve your desired results. Why was there no commitment back then? In a conversation where openness and honesty are key factors, we will determine the appropriate start for you.


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2. Goals

From the moment you make your commitment and are willing to transform your life, you will participate in the program which will start right away. The first appointment will be focused on setting a SMART formulated goal together.

With the help of a brief intake, several tests and a lifestyle analysis, we will determine your starting position. Finally, we will analyze posture and motion of the body to observe how your body reacts, moves and flows and whether there are any disbalances. According to the results of the tests taken, we will design a personal training program.

3. Training sessions

The training sessions are built according to the NASM (national academy of sports medicine) model. The NASM method is a model (OPT) that can be used to physically load the body on all different movement areas, without overloading the body. The optimum performance training model is developed in America and is based on several aspects occurring in every day life such as core activity, balance, responsiveness, agility and strength. These aspects are integrated in the training sessions in order to get the body fit as quickly as possible. The NASM OPT model is based on scientifically proven guidelines and consists out of three training levels:

1. Stabilization phase;

2. Strength phase;

3. Power phase.

Every phase comes with a new way of training. These phases make sure that the body is constantly challenged.

4. Progress registration and term evaluation

The training session will be completely adapted to your body, which makes the exercises easy to follow. During the progress several evaluations take place to check if training at a higher level in the OPT model is a possibility. These tests are repeated monthly together with a motion analysis and a nutrition program evaluation.

5. Final evaluation

At the end of the 90 days lasting ‘ Back To Your Source’ -program, we will evaluate where you stand towards your goal. If you have reached your goal, we could discuss possible follow up steps.

  • Continuing the same goal with boundary challenging activities
  • Continuing Personal training with a new goal
  • Increase or decrease the amount of PT sessions
  • Individual work out in a gym with planned maintenance PT sessions.

“A goal without a plan is just a WISH…”

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