“Having a good connection was the most important reason to start training with Roel. I was looking for someone who could encourage me the right way. If the connection wasn’t there, it would’ve taken me a lot longer to reach my goals. Of course, he’s had proper education, but his mix of challenging exercises, the aim for result and exploring my personal boundaries without loosing sight of my technique and safety, are for me the best ingredients for an ideal work-out!”
Norberth Korsmit
 “I met Roel for the first time at a Diplan pilot ten years ago. Roel guided me in a very pleasant and knowledgeable way in the ten weeks that followed. Now, ten years later, I am doing even more to improve myself and my body. Roel has inspired me once again to undertake action and to really do it! He knows what he’s doing and has a fantastic way to transfer that to his clients.”
– Josine van Drunen


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