Personal Trainer Tilburg: About Roel van Buggenum

My career as personal trainer in Tilburg started in the fitness branch at Better Bodies (now Sportcity) in Echt, in 1998. During my study I started working as personal trainer and group instructor at HealthCity in Tilburg. After finishing my study at the University of Applied Sciences Fontys Sport, working at Health City became my fulltime job.

A promotion to fitness and group fitness manager followed after two years. Two years after that, I became club manager at HealthCity in Waalwijk. I was awarded the title “Club of the year” with HealthCity in Waalwijk back in 2006, and in 2007, my work was crowned with the title “HealthCity manager of the year”.

After these impressive accomplishments a promotion to cluster manager followed and I became responsible for HealthCity clubs in Waalwijk, Breda and Roosendaal. After 8 years it was time to leave HealthCity and I was approached by Health & Sports Club Valkencourt. One of the most beautiful high-end clubs of the Netherlands with all the facilities imaginable. The club made a spectacular growth in memberships and was put on the map in the region around Eindhoven.


Fitness and Health

  • Sports academy
  • ACE personal trainer
  • NASM personal trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness A
  • Fitness B
  • Spinning
  • Kettle bell trainer
  • Vipr trainer
  • Bosu trainer
  • TRX trainer
  • Function trainer

Personal Development

  • Essence
  • Source
  • Beyond doubt
  • Make It Work
  • Mindfulness


During my work at Health and Sports Club Valkencourt I suffered from a massive burnout that turned my life upside down. My body was done, broken and tired after years of hard work, never saying no and never stopping. The doctors in the hospital even determined I suffered from a ‘neglected burnout’. I ended up in the health insurance act, sat at home and hit rock bottom. Life became a living hell for a little while. Luckily, I have family, friends and a sweet girlfriend who have always supported me. After the necessary checks and scans at the hospital, nothing seemed physically wrong, luckily. The recovery could begin!



The rehabilitation included several conversations with a psychologist, EMDR therapy, following courses for personal development, adjustment of nutrition and progressively loading the body. I started from scratch and little by little my body and mind became stronger once more. I made a commitment to myself to transform my life and regain control.


Yes, I Do

On September 6th 2013 I married the most beautiful, sweetest and most kind-hearted woman on earth. Despite, personally, being one of the most busy and difficult times, it was the best day of my life. The day I got to call Reem, Reem van Buggenum. After a fantastic honeymoon, a large relapse followed. A severe one this time. But we together we fought through this one as well. It wasn’t always easy, I’m afraid. I praise the patience and love of my wife.


Source PT

In July 2013, I had the possibility to assist at a course focused on personal development. My objective was to, with openness and honesty towards myself, create clarity for my future in business. During this training I came to the realization that I want to use my 16 years of knowledge and expertise on Personal training, nutrition and coaching to help people with their transformation.

Source PT was born.


The Time Is Now

By doing rehabilitation, I know how it is to start from scratch and how best to handle setbacks. I know how it’s like to hope, try and to have doubts whether to do something or not. But I also know how to make a commitment and always get the results you wish for from your challenges. The future always starts NOW.

I would like to get to know you. Tell me your story, so that I can help you transform your lifestyle. The future always starts NOW.

Take the first step!

With result focused regards,

Roel van Buggenum

Source PT

Say it, Mean it, Do it.